The Bristol neuron of the sonic brain has been located on the window unit directly to the right of the main entrance to the Watershed Media Centre which is on the docks and the main drag for the Saturday night city crowd. FragOrch are, I understand, particularly keen to encourage spoken word contributions on this site, Bristol being reputed as a music & spoken word happening place. So go declaim your favourite lines/polished piece of performance art/whatever to an empty glass pane, feel the vibe as the hippocampus in Liverpool lights up, see what McBrain mixes with it and what it sounds like when it comes back. In other words, be part of a UK-wide musical brain and hear your poetry as you've never heard it before. The mike and Feonic device are, of course, just there and will pick up anything read, declaimed, chanted, ranted, yelled, sung, muttered, whispered &c within its range and morph it for you (experiment wildly!). But if you want your friends/enemies/hangers-on/the GP to experience the experience with you then please email Victoria at the Watershed (victoria@watershed.co.uk). She will loosely programme you into a time-slot and post it on the Watershed website for the wider world to access. Go neuronal!

Ralph Hoyte

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