Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast

The Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) in Belfast is a centre dedicated to research in music technology, interface design and creative practice. The centrepiece of SARC, the Sonic Laboratory, provides a unique space for cutting-edge initiatives in the creation and delivery of music and audio. The Sonic Laboratory's uniqueness is vested in the degree of flexibility it can provide for experiments in 3D sound diffusion and for ground-breaking compositional and performance work within a purpose-built, variable acoustic space.

Opened by Karlheinz Stockhausen in 2004, the Centre has attracted many internationally recognised experts in the areas of musical composition, performance, signal processing, internet technology and digital hardware during the last 4 years. A dedicated network team at SARC, comprising of AHRC Research Fellow Franziska Schroeder, Dr Pedro Rebelo, Dr Michael Gurevich and Research Assistant Christopher McClelland, carries out practice-led research into technological, cultural and musical implications of multi-site performance environments.

Franziska Schroeder
Research fellow, SARC

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