The Hidden Gardens,
Tramway, Glasgow

The nature of the Hidden Gardens project is to embrace different ideas, rituals and forms from different cultures merging these ideas through the designers' and artists' work in relation to the specific demands of the site both spatially and physically. The Hidden Gardens is dedicated to peace on all levels - personal, regional and international. It celebrates the universal spirit of nature, with subtle references to the paradise gardens that have evolved over the last three thousands years.

For a multiplicity of faiths throughout the worlds, a garden is symbolic of heaven on earth. It is also a quiet place for visitors to make time for themselves. The Hidden Gardens does not attempt to homogenise varying belief systems, but advocates an "equality of differences". It has been designed with a communal vision, in the spirit of mutuality. It aspires to describe the kind of world it would be good to live in, not the world as it is.

The Hidden Gardens was developed over an extended period of time through a collaborative design process that involved arts charity nva organisation, landscape architects City Design Co-operative, a team of international artists and the local community in Pollokshields.

The starting point for the design programme, artworks and horticultural approach within the Gardens was the celebration of diversity in nature and humanity, and the promotion of a deeper understanding of nature through international horticultural traditions. The result is a contemplative open space where the diverse communities of the city and visitors alike can find respite in a busy urban environment.

The soundbox at The Hidden Gardens is situated in the shed, here it will pick up the sounds of children playing, birds singing and passing trains.

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Photograph from The Hidden Gardens

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The Hidden Gardens
25a Albert Drive
G41 2PE

Opening times:

Tuesday - Saturday: 10am - 4pm
Sunday: 12pm - 4pm
Monday: closed


For more information on this soundbox site, visit the Hidden Gardens website.