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“The Fragmented Orchestra combines conceptually simple but technically precise elements (microphone, speaker, communicator, and ‘neuron’) into an elegant, geographically-distributed network structure. The result, a vast musical brain, promises to generate pieces that touch upon extraordinarily disparate aspects of music and culture, including audience participation, sampling as instrument, endogenous composition, aesthetics of technology, and more. Among the most intriguing of these many resonances is the way in which the fragmented orchestra establishes an audible analogy between the brain and the internet, such that the music produced becomes an artifact of their parallel structures. This composition renders in sound the sense in which the internet is already a singular mind, the collective compositional creativity of the crowd singing in one voice.”

Aden Evens
Author, “Sound Ideas: Music, Machines and Experience” (Minnesota University Press)

“This is a truly intriguing musical adventure. These are outstanding creative musicians using technology to its fullest and exploring the sound of our own consciousness. It's an exciting prospect that people all over the UK will be able to be involved in this unique score. It was a unanimous decision.”

Marcus Davey
Chairman, New Music Award judges

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