Jane Grant

Co-creator, The Fragmented Orchestra.

Jane Grant is an artist who works with sound, moving image and drawing.

Jane has been working with neurological time patterns and the human voice for a some time and in 2006 was awarded an AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council) grant to develop work which merges firing patterns of artificial spiking neurons with the voice and breath. The research from this award formed the sound and video installation ‘Threshold’ recently exhibited at ArtSway. The voice, barely recognizable, draws our attention to the internal to external process; the vocalization of thought. She is fascinated by the manner in which we describe and represent consciousness, and how we depict the externalization of this internal process. She is interested in the ideas regarding the ‘matter of consciousness’ and the indefinite location of the self, whether consciousness can exist singularly or as a ‘network’ in space.

She has exhibited widely at nationally renowned galleries including one person shows at Spacex Gallery, Chapter in Cardiff and internationally with the exhibition Aufsteigen in Germany. Group exhibitions have included Walsall Museum and Art Gallery, Newlyn Gallery and Huddersfield Gallery. Recently she exhibited at ArtSway, in ‘Just World Order’ and ‘Multichannel’, Spacex, and Sound and Vision at the Voices Festival in Plymouth and, in collaboration with John Matthias, at the Sonic Arts Network Expo 2007.

Alongside further research and experimentation with neural processes and breath, she is currently developing new works, a forthcoming science fiction film, ‘Soft Moon’ about accretion, fluidity, gravity and space and works on hallucination and the Ganzfeld experiment.

Jane Grant
Nothing, Jane Grant

For more information, see www.janegrant.org.uk.